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world war one dolomites at the Pasubio mountains


The front line in the Dolomites was began on the Pasubio mountains, the group of the Dolomites in the southest area. For strategic reasons and for a particular geografical conformation, the Pasubio mountains (three separate group of mountains) was the theatre of the most cruent combat field of the First World War. 

The medium elevation of these mountains is between 1800 and 2000 meters. For this reason we can walk and climb until october/november with dry weather and a fantastical view at the veneto region, sometime until Venice. The period of activity in these mountains go from may to the begin of november, sometime more. You can explore this extended area of the mountain first line of the front with two solution: three days trekking tour from hut to hut or from 1 to 4 days via ferrata trek, both tours are extendible with one additional day. 


With the modulare via ferrata program, is possible combine from 1 to 4 via ferratas with the same "base camp" at the Rifugio Campogrosso. It 'a good opportunity to better choose your preferred period, read below the short description of every via ferrata and look the relative video:

DAY1 The Sengio Alto ridge and via ferrata del Monte Cornetto 

In this day we traverse the long military path of the Sengio Alto "Sentiero di Arroccamento" and climb the short via ferrata of the main elevated peak: "The via Ferrata del Monte Conetto" 

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Via Ferrata Dolomites Monte Cornetto Pasubio

DAY2 The Via Ferrata Falcipieri at the Pasubio mountain

We climb the long Via Ferrata Falcipieri at the "5 Cime of the Monte Pasubio" arrive at the Refugio Papa and walk back along the "Strada delle Gallerie" a incredible military road builded under the vertical southern border of the Pasubio plateau, to protected the supplies transport from the austrian artillery shot. 

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Via Ferrata Dolomites Falcipieri at the Mount Pasubio

DAY3 The great via ferrata of Vajo Scuro (The dark gully)

The Via ferrata Vajo Scuro (the exact traslation is: Vajo = rock gully, Scuro = dark) is the most interesting and difficult via ferrata of the Pasubio mountains. With this via ferrata we arrive directly at the second line of the front of the Carega peak in a great panoramic position and climb back along the trenches.

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Via Ferrata Dolomites the top of the Campanile di Fontana d'Oro or Campanile Letter

DAY4 The Via Ferrata Campalani + Vajo dei Colori at the Carega peak

The combination of the climbing gully of the "Vajo dei Colori" + the Via Ferrata Campalani at the Carega Peak is one other great target of these mountains. A complex climb into a very wild area. With the clear days of autumn is possible see Venice from the peak of the Carega where in a confortable refugio only 100 meters under the peak we can drink a tee. A memorable day! 

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Via Ferrata Dolomites at the end of the Sentiero di Arrocamento



Via Ferrata Dolomites the general map of the Pasubio mountains

DAY1 The Pasubio mountain

We start from the Vallarsa Valley and walk along the italian mountain troops path directly to the first line of the front  at the border of the extended Pasubio mountain plateau. we traverse the plateau where was a terrible "war of mines" and where every year, is possible find skeleton parts of died soldiers. we arrive at the Refugio General Papa located at the southern border of this hight plateau at 2000 m with a incredible panoramic view.

Via Ferrata Dolomites at the top of the Monte Cornetto Pasubio

Via Ferrata Dolomites the Rifugio Gen. Papa at the Pasubio crest

DAY2 The Sengio Alto ridge

At the morning we walk down from the Refugio Papa to the pass of the Pian delle Fugazze and climb up at the crest of the Sengio Alto where is located the "sentiero di ar roccamento", a incredible military path builded along a vertical ridge, from peak to peak, with a long alternance of exposed section with galleries. We traverse the crest to the southern end, at the Rifugio Campogrosso.

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Via Ferrata Dolomites along the Sentiero di Arrocamento

DAY3 The Carega mountains

We dedicate the last day at the climbing of the Carega mountain to complete this long walking on the front line of these complex mountains. See this area of the mountain war, in three days, is a hard emotional experience.....

Via Ferrata Dolomites at the begin of the "Strada delle 52 gallerie" at the Mount Pasubio


Via Ferrata Dolomites WW1 collateral effects 


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