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Via Ferrata in the Southern Dolomites - hut to hut trekking


The southern Dolomites are the more extended area of the Dolomite, with many via ferrata long and complicated. We can traverse these Dolomites with the "great via ferrata concatenation of the Pale di San Martino". The best and impressive group of mountains of this area.

The "Pale di San Martino" (the exact translation of the name in local dialet of these mountains is: The walls of St. Martin) are a authentic forest of peaks... a incredible concentrations of big peaks and rock towers in a short and labyrintic territory. We will traverse the "Pale" (short dialet name of this group od mountains) with a concatenation of days, from hut to hut, mix of via ferrata and trekking. This tour is possible to do in both directions, from south to north or north north to south. In any case is a medium-difficult via ferrata trekking perfect for hikers with a good training.

Are you ready for it? Read the program below and choose your prefered number of days.



Depending from where you arrive, generally you land in the airport of Venice or Milan or Bergamo or Innsbruck or Munich or..... it's indifferent! I arrange for you the best logistical system to arrive in Bolzano. Train, bus, or Taxi. When you arrive in Bolzano we have preparative briefing at your hotel on the evening. In this half hour meeting we check all aspect of the next days of tour.



The first day we start from Bolzano and drive to the Rolle Pass where begin our tour. From the pass we take the long path for the Monte Mulaz peak and then downhill at the Rifugio Mulaz. In this day we traverse under the imponent north border of the Pale di San Martino, 1000 m height walls and wild towers  are the line of the path to the Rifugio Mulaz, where we overnight in a typical traditional atmosphere of the southern Dolomites.


DAY2  Via ferrata dolomites video

The second day is bit long, but we have two option.We start from the Rifugio Mulaz early and climb the steep Farangole pass. After this we enter into internal part of the Pale di San Martino and can climb the Vezzana peak along the Via Ferrata Gabitta d'Ignoti or by pass this peak on the "Alta Via of the Dolomites" to the nice Rifugio Rosetta where we overnight.

(8 hours with the via ferrata Gabitta, 6 hours at the Alta Via)

- end of the 2 days trek or continue if you have chosen the 3,4 days program -


DAY 3  Via ferrata dolomites video

On the third day we climb two via ferratas and traverse the complete central area of the Pale di San Martino. It's very impressive because we go into a rock labirynth. Begin with the Via Ferrata Gusella and continue with the Via Ferrata del Velo until the Rifugio del Velo, placed in a incredible natural terrasse of rock. (6-7 hours)

- end of the 3 days trek or continue if you have chosen the 4 days program -


DAY4  Via ferrata dolomites video

The last day we have one other incredible day with the direct downhill on the "Sentiero del Cacciatore" (translated: "The hunters path"). A impressive scrambling path in a rock ledges and ramps system into the big wall of the peak "Sass Maor" (translated: " The main rock" a vertical cigar of 1000 meters height.


Our trek end in the suggestive town or Fiera di Primiero where you can rest in a charateristic "osteria" (popular restaurant for local people) in the old town. I take the local bus to the Rolle Pass to take the car and then we come back in Bolzano at your hotel.


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