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Via Ferrata in the Eastern Dolomites - hut to hut trekking


Around Cortina d'Ampezzo are the eastern Dolomites. The great walls that you see in the classic post cards or in famous posters of the Dolomite! Here the via ferrata trekking is caracterized on big peaks. This proposal is good for strong hikers without afraid of exposure on the wall.

I have structured this proposal in two solutions: the first is a short trekking from hut to hut, that climb the two longest via ferratas of the Dolomites and the second based in Cortina that climb the best via ferrata around this famous town in the eastern Dolomites... are you ready?

If you have a good fitness on mountain hiking, and if you are looking for a incredible adventure on great Dolomites walls, don't lose this proposal:



Look our via ferrata lake garda video video

This is the combination of the two longest via ferratas of the Dolomites, a complete experience in the big walls of Mojazza and Civetta.



Depending from where you arrive, generally landing in the airport of Venice or Milan or Bergamo or Innsbruck or Munich or..... it's indifferent! In any case I arrange for you the best logistical system to arrive in Bolzano. Train, bus, or Taxi. When you arrive in Bolzano we have preparative briefing by your hotel on the evening. In this half hour meeting we check all aspect of the next days tour.



We start from Bolzano to go the Rifugio Tomè at the Duran pass. Here we start the trek with a long climbing: The Via Ferrata Costantini on the big wall of the Mojazza peak (2878 meters). This via ferrata is in absolute the longest of the Dolomites. In a total vertical steep we climb 1200 meters up and down in the other side of this mountain to the Rifugio Vazzoler. We overnight in this important and historical rifugio of the Italian Alpine Club. (about 8-10 hours of walking and climbing)



In this second day we climb the peak of the Civetta along the Via Ferrata Tissi, the long and difficult via ferrata on the south side of this big peak (3220 m.). We overnight 200 meters under the peak in the little Rifugio Torrani, the second highest hut of the Dolomites. At the evening we will see incredible sunsets! (1500 meters of climbing and walking in about 8 hours)



The last day is a long downhill along the north crest of the Civetta on the Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi. This via ferrata is not particular difficult, but in downhill is a incredible (and panoramic) experience! You don't find other situations as this in all areas of the Dolomites. It's a perfect end of three intensive days.

Don't worry, if you have a good fitness you can do, in these photos you see two spanish clients and my son Matteo at the 14 year age.... We arrive at the characteristic town of Alleghe where is a spectacular lake at the base of the Civetta big wall. You resting in the famous Restaurant Esperia and I go with the local bus to the Duran pass, take the car and come back to you and we drive to Bolzano.

(see the prices of the three days combinations in the "All inclusive sheet below)



This is a very commode program for people that like the sport activity, but require good accommodations in the sofisticated ambient of the famous Cortina d'Ampezzo town.

You can select in Cortina the hotel that you prefer, the number of days that you prefer (from 1 to 8 days) and then we start with your customized program in base at your fitness situation.

We can adapt this program day per day without problem, remember this is your "personal program".

For these reasons in this program I apply only the daily tariff for mountain guide service (see the combination of prices below).


We meet us directly at your hotel after the breakfast and we have a short briefing to control and set all equipments. Then we go to the Falzarego pass and climb one of these via ferratas:

- The Via Ferrata of the Averau (short and very easy)

- Via Ferrata Dolomites Video The Via Ferrata degli Alpini (medium difficult)

Both are perfect via ferratas to have a soft introductive day, where you can learn the basilar technic to climb a via ferrata. After this first day we discuss how continue the next days: on easy, medium or difficult via ferratas. The possibility are infinite, look here the list of days combination:

DAYS 2,3,4.5,6,7,8 (medium difficult)

- Via Ferrata Punta Fiammes

- Via Ferrata Sas dl Crusc

- Via Ferrata del Paterno

- Via Ferrata della Pace

- Via Ferrata Formenton

- Via Ferrata Terza Cengia Pomagagnon

DAYS 2,3,4,5,6,7 (medium-high difficult)

- Via Ferrata Dolomites Video Via Ferrata Tomaselli

- Via Ferrata Dolomites Video Via Ferrata Col Rosà

- Via Ferrata Lipella

- Via Ferrata Dolomites Video Via Ferrata di Punta Anna

Via Ferrata Dolomites Video Via Ferrata Costantini

- Via Ferrata Zandonella

- Via Ferrata Olivieri

- Via Ferrata Bianchi

These lists are only a selection of easy and medium-difficult via ferratas near Cortina....

Now begin the second phase: the setting of your personal program. Write me your prefered dates and your impressions, I'm ready to work at your program with suggestions and additional informations.


The best prices for via ferrata in the Dolomites


The best prices for mountain guide service in the dolomites




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