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Via Ferrata for beginners - daily tours and personal programs


If you are beginner on the reality of the via ferrata in the Dolomites, this is your program! I have thinked this proposal for hikers that are scared on the approach of via ferrata in the dolomites. Are you ready? Read it!

Don't worry, we begin a progressive and "personal" program of via ferrata setted at your real physical responses and fit level. The program begin with a mailing between us. In this phase is very important that I understand your level of fit and outdoor activities experience. Write me your expectations and targets about the via ferrata experience. In base at this information I can set at best your via ferrata program in the Dolomites. The program that you can read below is a general proposal to have a generic idea:



Depending from where you arrive, generally you land in the airport of Venice or Milan or Bergamo or Innsbruck or Munich or..... it's indifferent! I arrange for you the best logistical system to arrive in Bolzano. Train, bus, or Taxi. When you arrive in Bolzano we have preparative briefing by your hotel on the evening. In this half hour meeting we check all aspect of the next days tour.



The first day we begin with a easy and short via ferrata in the central Dolomites. Via Ferrata Dolomites Video The via ferrata of the Pitl Cir, a perfect via ferrata for a introductive climbing course and a soft approach in the fantastic panoramic area of the Gardena Pass (30 minutes walking time + 2-3 hours climbing and come back at the base).

Via Ferrata Pitl Cir

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The second day we climb Via Ferrata Dolomites Video the via ferrata of the Roda de Vael. This via ferrata on the Catinaccio mountains is a traverse tour that climb the Roda de Vaèl peak from the nord to the south side. The technical difficult are moderate as the exposition in the wall, guarantee is the 360° panorama around the central, western, and part of the southern and eastern Dolomites. (1,5 hours walking approach + 2,5 hours climbing + 30 minutes come back at the base).

Via Ferrata Roda de Vaèl

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On the third day we complete the experience of the via ferrata in the dolomites with the most famous via ferrata..... Via Ferrata Dolomites Video The Tridentina. This via ferrata is a classical, historical and amazing climbing that end with the suspended bridge over 200 meter of deep gully between the Exner tower and the Sella massiv. A unique experience! (10 minutes walking approach, 2,5 hours climbing, 1,5 hours trail to come back at the base).

Via Ferrata Tridentina - the bridge

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DAY 4.5.6 and more

At request on others via ferrata or rock climbing


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