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Via Ferrata informations: fitness and self-training organization


The physical training is basilar for your via ferrata tour in the Dolomites, don't worry is easy to organize by your country some month before.


This information sheet is dedicated at the persons without physical fit, that need some suggestion to begin the preparative training.

This is a short "handbook" to organize at best your training for a via ferrata tour in the Dolomites. I think that you have a hard work in office that absorb you many energies and procure you stress, that you have few free time during the week... don't worry it's a solution for all!

Now we begin togheter your preparative period of training.

Organization of your training time and targets.

You need consider first the important aspects of your: life stile and work time. The via ferrata training need have a good place into your organization of the free time. In any case begin with a low profile target.

For example: 2 sessions on the week, tuesday and thursday. Then, whit the time, if you can increase at 3 max 4 sessions.

Now we analize the different and possible sport activities for your training:


It's the base of all training! Ask at your friends or collegues where they go to run. Look how distance is the best running area from your home.

Very important: buy good "protective" running shoes only by specialized sport shops. Tell at the sport shop employes that you are beginner. Spare only with the technical running clothing... Decathlon in Europe or REI in U.S.A. Have good and cheap running clothing collections. 

If is your first time begin with a mix of running and speed walking to arrive, in progression, at the pure running during the session.

How time and how miles I run? Depending of your initial condition, but generally begin with half hour, or max 5 miles and then, after 2-3 months increase to one hours per session. Two running sessions at week are ok.

In the book shops you find many running handbooks for beginners. In english there are very good editions, read a handbook for beginners is a good idea!


Via Ferrata training in gym

Every where, near your home, you can find gyms. Generally are "body building" gyms, full of super muscled people, don't worry you have different finalities and the gym is a good begin in alternative or parallel at the running activity.

If the gym is your unique training possibility: 2 or better 3 time at week is your targhet. Tell at the trainer of the gym that your targhet of training is the climbing on the mountains, if he is a good professional trainer, he can prepare for you a good program of exercises!

Cross country ski

Via Ferrata training with the ski

The cross country ski is a optimal and complete training system, specially the skating technique.This solution is available specially if you live in the north areas of europe or america.

Don't understimate the cross country ski, i see that the nordic clients (norvegian, swedish and finnish) have always a perfect phisical formation for the mountain activity because in winter this sport is very popular in these countries.

Others sports

In alternative all out-door activities, when you practical with constance, are good tranning for the mountain activity. In case you need other specific suggestions, don't hesitate to write me your additional questions

Have you a good training! 


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