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Dolomites information: how rent a car in italy, some suggestions


Depending at your travel program, the rental car can be good or bad option. Rent a car in Italy is a bit expensive, read here when is a good option and when no... and some precautions for on the italian traffic and driving style.

The first point is analyze your travel program, from where you arrive before the via ferrata trek and where you go after. In consideration that during the via ferrata trek in the Dolomites you don't need have a car, I suggest this tipology of solutions:

SOLUTION 1. You arrive directly in Bolzano from a airport and then continue to visit other places in Italy

It's sure better that you don't rent a car, take the train to arrive in Bolzano, spend the days at the via ferrata tour and then rent a car in Bolzano and continue your tour.

SOLUTION 2. You arrive from a period of visit in other places in Italy and end with the via ferrata trek in the Dolomites

This is the opposite solution. Rent a car in airport, visit different places in Italy, arrive in Bolzano by car and check out in Bolzano your rental car. Spend the days at the via ferrata trek and then go to the airport by train.

SOLUTION 3. You arrive from a airport, spend the days at the via ferrata trek and then come back directly to the airport

Don't rent a car, you arrive and depart to/from Bolzano by train.

In any case when you are in the Dolomites you will travel with my car: a large Fiat Doblò (7 places) that after the renovation looks have a better aspect.... watch the photos before and after.... no bad! :-)

Via Ferrata Dolomites old car Via Ferrata Dolomites new car



For USA drivers

If you are a USA driver, don't able to drive with manual gear, I suggest you to rent a automatic gear car. In Italy the automatic gear is not popular, specially on the cheap cars. Ask at your rental car company a specific car with automatic gear.

For UK drivers
If you are a UK driver, take carefull because in Italy you drive on the right side....

For ALL drivers
Take careful because the local Italian drivers go very fast and the mountain roads in the Dolomites was build during the First World War to transport slow cannons.... and not fast modern cars....



In Bolzano you find different offices of the major rent a car companies.
If you arrive and depart in an italian airport, use these companies: 

AVIS Autonoleggio
Via Galvani, 1
39100 Bolzano (BZ)‎
Tel: +39 0471 212560 

La Maggiore
Via Renon, 10 C/o Palaz.ex Dogana
39100 Bolzano (BZ)‎
Tel: +39 0471 971531

Francesco Baracca airport
Via aeroporto Francesco Baracca1
39100 Bolzano (BZ)‎
Tel: +39 0471 252152

If you arrive and depart in an austrian or german airport, use this company:  

Buchbinder Autonoleggio
Via Luigi Galvani 13
39100 Bolzano (BZ)‎
Tel: +39 0471 501646

Don't hesitate to ask me more info and I wish you a good travel!


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